Testogen Review: Does it Really charge up your Masculinity?

Testogen is a Natural Testosterone Boosting To Increase Levels Of Testosterone For Men.

Every man has a dream of attractive muscular body with perfect abs and big biceps.

Flaunting a ripped-off body at the beach or at the party could be a fantasy for many men. Though, a great number of men prefer to hit gyms to start building the broad chest and striking muscles.

As the perfectly ripped body is so much in trend these days, bodybuilding is not limited to professionals only.

In the fast paced world of today, there are many products available in the market that can help a common man to start building muscles.

Besides weight trainings, one of the product that has gained immense popularity in helping men in achieving their desired body goals is Testogen.

Testogen is one of the smartest testosterone booster in the market that offer some really bold claims.

As per the manufacturer, Testogen can help boosting your libido, improving your sexual life, and increasing the muscle size.

If you are experiencing any of the masculinity related issues, or you just want to revive your manly game with perfect body, you should definitely read this honest review of Testogen.

This review will help you in understanding this T-booster in a better way and making a right decision.

Testogen Review

Testogen is a wonderful formulation that makes it a natural testosterone booster supplement for men.

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It is manufactured by MuscleClub Limited, which is a well-known name for producing high quality health supplements in the market.

Testogen is formulated by MuscleClub Limited in their FDA approved facility, where their team focuses to carry out extensive research on supplements and their ingredients.

It is especially designed to assist to common problem among aging men; that is losing energy and libido.

Though, the market is full of testosterone boosting supplements, but most of them are full of chemical components that are harmful for overall health. On the other hand, Testogen is surely an ideal choice as it is made of 100% natural ingredients.

Not only Testogen is a high quality T-booster, it is completely safe to use and is available in affordable prices as compared to others. It is important to understand that taking Testogen is not a proper testosterone treatment and is safe to consume without any prescription.

It is a natural T-Booster that enhances the production of testosterone in the body. With the better production of T-hormones in the body, it will help the users to explore their masculinity in a better way.

The manufacturers claim that you will start getting results from Testogen within two weeks of usage, if you follow the instructions and recommended dosage properly. Besides boosting testosterones, the product also helps in promoting stamina and enhancing energy with its carefully chosen ingredients.

With the regular use of Testogen, you can feel positive change in mood and sexual life within just 7 days.

Testogen is helpful for almost all age groups of men, but it is better to identify the decline in testosterone levels to get started with the supplements.

Most of the times, people ignore the early signs of testosterone deficiency in the body and they realized it too late. The earlier you notice the decline in T-levels, the better you will have the chances of improving your hormone production.

With the aging, the signs of dropping T-levels become more evident. Many men are skeptical about using T-boosters, as they are unaware of its importance in their lives.

A lot of people miss out in taking these supplements at the right time, as they can’t identify the early signs of testosterone deficiency in their body.

The earlier you realize the need of testosterone supplements, the earlier you will be able to the start the treatment and supplement intake.

With the increase of aging with time, you will have weaker chances of improving your hormone production.

Some of the early signs of the testosterone level deficiency are:

  • Lower sexual drive and weak erections
  • Fatigue and stress constantly
  • Hair loss and early signs of baldness
  • Muscle loss and poor muscle recovery
  • Increase in body fat

If these signs are constant, you should definitely cater these, before they lead to severe complications in your personal and professional life.

How Does Testogen Works?

Testosterone is an important sex hormone that plays significant roles in both men’s and women’s bodies. Though, testosterone is naturally produced in the sexual organs for men and women.

TestoGen really does work.

During their circulation in the blood, small quantities of testosterones are converted into another hormone called estradiol, also known as a form of estrogen. Testogen enhances its effects in the body in association with androgen receptors in various tissues.

In general, men’s bodies produce about 20 times more testosterone than women’s bodies. For the better sexual drive, both men and women need a required balance of the T-levels.

You must be interested in knowing about Testogen; however, the interesting factor is it doesn’t actually contain testosterone.

Instead, the Testogen supplement contains a powerful set of ingredients that are specifically designed to boost the natural testosterone production in the body.

This is a positive factor of Testogen, as taking raw testosterone can cause some serious side effects, such as prostate swelling, decreased testicle size, skin issues, and high blood pressure.

The natural formulation of Testogen supplement is absolutely safe to use and actually works for you the way you want it to.

The use of Testogen prevent you from losing your libido and sexual vitality with the blend of right ingredients and will assist in boosting the production of T-levels naturally. Aging is not a hard and fast rule for T-levels decline.

As a matter of fact, some people experience the deterioration of testosterone levels even in the young age of 20.

In most cases, the production of T-levels hit the plateau at the age of 40 and later those levels will start to decline. Along this decline comes the lost sexual drive, lowered motivation, and decreased libido.

Testogen doesn’t only work to boost the sexual drive in men, but will also play in important role in improving overall physical appearance.

With the positive impact on the sperm production, it delivers huge improvement in the development of bones and muscles. The natural ingredients of Testogen helps you in fighting the stress levels, which is the major culprit behind reducing the T-levels in men.

The manufacturers claim that the users of Testogen will start feeling good difference in couple of weeks if they use it properly along with regular exercise and a healthy diet routine.


Though, Testogen has many great reviews all over the internet, we would like to focus on some of the important pros associated with this product. Check our list below:

  • It has all natural ingredients that helps in stimulating the production of testosterone.
  • It is absolutely safe to use.
  • It has no harmful side effects linked with its ingredients.
  • It offers 100% money back guarantee.
  • It offers free worldwide shipping.
  • It offers great deals and discount packages for its customers.

While every product has some downsides, here are few cons associated with Testogen.

  • It is only available on their official website of Testogen, so you cannot get it from any stores like GNC or Walmart.
  • The recommended dosage of Testogen is 4 Capsules per day, which could be inconvenient for some people.

Testogen Ingredients: What’s inside it?

As mentioned earlier, Testogen doesn’t contain testosterone, but instead it has the blend of ingredients that works towards the production of natural testosterone in the body.

Packed with pure, powerful, proven testosterone-boosting ingredients

Following are the carefully chosen ingredients included in the Testogen supplement.

D-Aspartic Acid

It is an amino acid regulator that aims to produce luteinizing hormones in the body. Studies have shown that D-Aspartic Acid can boost the T-levels production by almost 45% in just few weeks.

Testogen is distinguished from the competitor T-booster supplements, as most of them don’t contain D-Aspartic acid. [1]


Magnesium is a significantly important mineral that plays a great role in testosterone production. Studies have suggested that 750 mg of magnesium intake per day in men show a nearly 30% increase in testosterone levels in less than a month.

Testogen contains a good dose of magnesium that is up to 200 mg. With this dosage, Testogen helps a lot in promoting healthy sleep, which is a crucial factor for muscle regeneration and testosterone production.

Generally, most of the people don’t have enough amount of magnesium in their diets, which in turn leads to fatigue, insomnia, tiredness and poor coordination.

Vitamin D3

This ingredient has the strong connection with the testosterone production. Clinical studies have suggested that the vitamin D levels and testosterone levels are directly proportional to each other. [2]

The intake of Vitamin D increase the amount of free testosterone in your blood circulation and prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Nettle Leaf Extract

This ingredient is a source of a chemical that binds to proteins called SHGB. As per clinical researches, SHGB picks up testosterone and facilitate its conversion to estrogen.

The intake of Nettle leaf extract can prevent testosterone from binding to SHBG, thus allowing more amount of free testosterone in your bloodstream. It also helps in increasing muscle mass and enhancing libido.

Korean Red Ginseng

This ingredient comes from the root of the ginseng plant and is a very common ingredient that is usually found in workout supplements.

Red Ginseng is popular in reducing the damage to the testes from oxides and other free radicals, which is considered as the major producers of testosterone. [3]

Red Ginseng increases the power of Testogen supplement, as it helps in stimulating overall mental and physical clarity along with boosted focus.

Most of the athletes chew on raw red ginseng root to boost their concentration and energy.

Fenugreek Extract

It is one of the well-tested ingredient that is widely known to enhance the natural T-levels production.

The use of fenugreek extract helps in increasing your stamina, vitality, and strength. It is loaded with powerful antioxidant properties that prevent cellular damage from free radicals.

It is an extremely renowned ingredient to be used in workout supplements for all its good reasons.

Vitamin K1

This ingredient of Testogen helps in keeping bones strong and healthy. It also increases the absorption of Vitamin D3 in the body so that you can get the most out of it.

Vitamin B6

1This vitamin performs different functions in the body that includes fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, and the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

The deficiency of Vitamin B6 also leads to the declination of testosterone levels and increase in estrogen levels.

Vitamin B6 is especially included in Testogen formula to help keeping up the high energy levels and improving overall stamina.


It is an extremely important ingredient, as this mineral is involved in many processes in the body. [4]

Zinc is a vital for keeping your sperm and testes healthy.


It is a trace of mineral found in several green leafy vegetables and fruits. It has been suggested that even small amounts of boron can increase T-levels drastically and can decrease the estrogen levels.

Boron is one of the favorite ingredient of body builders which helps them put on and retain muscle mass.


It is a substance that is derived from black pepper. Bioperine is known for its functions to increase the bioavailability of the active ingredients in Testogen supplement.

Bioperine itself is not a functional ingredient in Testogen, but instead it makes it easier for your body to absorb everything else so you can get the maximum benefits of every ingredient.

Other ingredients

Apart from all these powerful ingredients, Testogen contains few more ingredients such as gelatin, maltodextrin, and magnesium stearate.

These all are inactive ingredients and are included for taste and texture. Particularly, gelatin is included to make Testogen in a convenient capsule form.

Testogen is an extremely beneficial product when it comes to boosting the T-levels in the natural way.

Testogen Benefits

Following are some of the noticeable benefits of Testogen that we want to cover in our review so that our readers will get a clear insight about the product:

  • It helps in increasing muscle mass and strength.
  • It helps in boosting stamina and endurance during workout sessions.
  • It helps in supercharging your sex drive and libido.
  • It assists in boosting overall confidence.
  • It enhances the fat burning process in the body that helps in losing extra weight.
  • It is superior to other testosterone boosters, as it boosts the T-levels in a natural and safe way.
  • It assists in improving mood, focus, and vitality in your personal and professional life.

How to Use?

Testogen is very simple and easy to use. It comes in a convenient capsule form and all you have to do is to take 4 capsules a day to boost your T-levels.

It is preferable to take your daily dose of Testogen each morning after breakfast with a glass of water. The capsules are in a soft gel form, so it is easy to swallow.

With the regular usage of recommended dosage, you will be able to see good results with Testogen in about 4 weeks.

Each bottle of Testogen contains 120 pills, and a dose of 4 capsules a day means that one bottle is enough for a month supply.

how to take testosterone supplements?

If you experience any negative feeling with the dosage of 4 capsules, you can decrease the dose to 2 to 3 capsules per day.

If you are already on some other medications, it is advised to consult your doctor before using Testogen supplement.

There might be a possibility that the contents of Testogen may obstruct your current medication’s impact.

Also check the ingredients list if you are allergic to some of them.

What to expect from Testogen?

As Testogen is backed up with many good reviews of the customers, you can expect really good results from the supplement.

Most of the users are interested in knowing how long does it take for Testogen to work for them.

So they should be happy to know, that we are going to give you this answer in our review.

In as little as 4 weeks, you will start to see results from Testogen. Initially, you will experience good health benefits such as increase in energy, boosted libido and enhanced performance in the gym.

Within the 2nd month, you will notice a good improvement in muscle mass and strength as your T-levels will continue to increase.

During 2nd month, you will definitely get some good compliments from your friends and family about your changing body.

Within the 3rd month of Testogen usage, you will notice a much better sense of power and youth, with exceptional performance in bedroom and noticeable reduction in body fat.

Where to Buy Testogen?

You can easily order Testogen supplement from their official website.

On their website, you will get a chance to make great savings with their great deals and offers. Also, there are good discounts on bulk buying.

Following are the packages available on the Testogen website from which you can select your desired package wisely.

Buy Testogen online

Package 1: 1 bottle of Testogen for one month supply can be bought for the price of $ 59. 99. The package contains 1 Bottle of Testogen (120 Capsules) + 1 Bottle of Testo-drops (60ml)

Package 2: You can buy 3 months supply of Testogen and get 2 months supply absolutely free for the price of $ 179.99. This is the most popular package, as it is a super saver deal. You can save $ 169.96 on this package. The package contains 5 Bottles of Testogen (600 Capsules) + 5 Bottles of Testodrops (180ml).

Package 3: You can buy 2 months supply of Testogen and get 1 month supply absolutely free for the price of $ 119.99. You will save $ 89.98 on this deal. The package contains 3 Bottles of Testogen (360 Capsules) + 3 bottles of Testodrops (180ml).

Testogen is the best choice in the market for boosting testosterone levels as it comes with no possible side effects.

With those exciting prices, it is easy to stack up Testogen supply which is great for weight loss and building lean muscle mass.


After all the detailed research about Testogen, we would like to conclude that it is so far the best testosterone booster in the market that delivers great results.

Testogen is distinguished from other T-boosters, as it delivers what it promises.

It is the blend of high quality ingredients that are worth trusting.

The regular use of Testogen can increase your libido and can change your confidence in your personal relationship. It is a safe to use testosterone booster that can assist you greatly to gain extended-lasting benefits.

Moreover, Testogen offers a full 100-day money back guarantee with every purchase that makes it a win-win choice for customers.