PhenQ vs Phen375: Which is Better? (2021 Updated)

Fat burners are becoming popular, so asking who would win a PhenQ vs Phen375 face off is an important question!

Some resarch and studies states the best supplements to lose weight are the PhenQ and Phen375. While both the supplements are herbal alternatives to over-the-counter medicine Phentermine, there always have been a debate on the internet over PhenQ vs Phen375.

Everyone wants to be in shape with a good body. Luckily, some people have that desired body shape naturally, but that is not the case for everyone.

Whether men or women, nobody likes being overweight or obese. Besides being an undesirable look, it gives rise to various health issues as well. So, people tend to do workout sessions, but that doesn’t work sometimes and give them the satisfied results.

Therefore, for a situation similar to this, there are certain weight loss and fat burning pills that could help you achieve your goals.

So, if you are someone who wants to lose weight using safe methods, then you should definitely opt for weight loss pills.

There are a number of herbal pills available in the market, thus, choosing the best one among the plethora of options is overwhelming and hefty.

In this article, we will cover the many benefits of each of the supplements, and also reach to a conclusion about the best one between the two. But, first things first, before making any decision, you need to know about the phentermine pill and how the herbal alternatives to the pills work.

So, don’t stop reading, follow this guide to help you make the best decisions in your weight loss journey.

What Is Phentermine?

Phentermine pills are used for weight loss, but they can only be consumed legally if you have a medical prescription.

In chemical means, the phentermine pill and the illegal narcotic amphetamine are very much alike.

The pill is prescribed by the doctor to people who are extremely obese and overweight, so that they can control their daily intake of calories. Simultaneously, the pills also lead to increased metabolism.

Thus, the pill makes use of a dual mechanism to fulfill the purpose of weight loss, which is, by decreasing the caloric intake through suppressing the appetite, and increasing the burning rate of calories through elevated metabolism.

Research has found out that the daily consumption of the phentermine pill for a month, makes the human body unable to bear its effect.

It also has some side effects such as heart palpitations, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, constipation, headache, restlessness, and libido loss. For this reason, doctors cycle the pill among the patients. This also makes phentermine not a good option to rely on for fat loss. 

To make sure that people do not consume illegal and unhealthy pills, there are legal herbal and safe alternative pills for weight loss available in the market which can be used by both men and women.

How Does Weight Loss Supplements Work?

The weight loss supplements utilizes safe and natural ingredients in the formula to enhance the metabolic and thus, results in burning of fat.

The weight loss pills work on the phenomena that the carbohydrates and sugar you consume in your daily food is absorbed in the body, which is then circulated to the cells to use for energy.

According to medical experts, when the desired sugar levels are carried to the cells, the craving to eat more food stops. Therefore, weight loss pills are advised to people who want to lose fat faster.

The weight loss pills suppress hunger and makes the consumer feel full.

Moreover, the consumption of these pills also increases the energy levels, so you feel energized all the time.

1) PhenQ Review

PhenQ is basically a supplement that is used for weight loss and works on the basic purpose of improving the metabolic rate of a human body.

Phenq diet pills

All the ingredients of the supplement helps in burning fat of the human body. PhenQ has the capabilities that reduces the appetite so that minimizes hunger and you only consume food as per the requirement of the human body.

The supplement has the ingredients that increases the metabolism system of fat by developing heat inside the body of a human, and this process of creating heat is known as thermogenesis.

Afterwards, the cells of the human body break down the accumulated fats, and this is then converted into energy that is used by the human body to perform everyday tasks more efficiently.

The supplement has the properties that it burns that previously stored stubborn fat at the different parts of a human body like belly, hips, thighs, or waist.

It seems difficult to get rid of the fat stored in these parts of humans and no exercise or diets seems to work.

PhenQ is the right solution to solve weight loss issues as it has all those components that makes it easy for you to lose weight and the supplement ensures that no new fat cells are stored in the body.

All the active ingredients that are used in the formation of the supplement PhenQ works to enhance the muscles mass and this is only possible because the need of the essential nutrients is fulfilled through the supplement ingredients.

Also, with the usage of PhenQ supplement you will stay active, it also helps in improving focus and alertness. And thus, you will feel energetic and free of fatigue.


The manufactures of the supplement PhenQ, Wolfson Berg Limited introduced a new powerful weight loss formula that helps in getting a slimmer shape of the body that you always wanted.

Before the intake of the supplement you must have the idea about the ingredients of the products.

All the ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of the supplement by the trustworthy supplement company are 100% organic.

Which means all the ingredients that are listed below are 100% natural that makes the supplement safe to use.

Capsimax Extract Powder

This ingredient is found in chili pepper or red pepper, and it has some thermogenic properties that are responsible for increasing the heat inside a human body that results in losing weight quickly along with the excessive amount of fat burning. Moreover, with the usage of this dieting pill the metabolic process of the human body is accelerated. Other than this, the supplement PhenQ has the properties that help in suppressing the appetite that leads to the limited intake of the food and hence the appetite suppressing properties helps you to cut the calorie intake. [1]


Caffeine is an ingredient that is found in many weight loss supplements as a primary component and energy boosting drinks. It is due to the fact that caffeine has the thermogenic properties, and it is a stimulant.

Because of the thermogenic properties of this ingredient, you will be able to focus more as it helps in increasing the alertness and boost up the energy levels of a human body. The basic step of weight loss is to limit the amount of food intake, but PhenQ weight loss pill has the caffeine component that has appetite suppressing properties that limit the frequency of eating and reduce the amount of food intake. [2]


Nopal is one of the ingredients that is used in the manufacturing of PhenQ. Nopal belongs to a prominent species of cactus that is rich in fibers which control hunger and a source of amino acid that is essential for a human body. This means your body will have an excessive amount of energy while you lose weight at the same time. Because of the higher fiber content available in the Nopal, it works as the appetite suppressant and also helps in regular bowel movements. Moreover, nopal benefits in flushing out the excess fluids from the body and results in weight loss because some weight is because of the water retention. [3]

L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is usually found in red meat, nuts and vegetables. This ingredient is helpful in breaking down the body fat. The basic function of this ingredient is to transfer the fat for the breakdown and convert the burned fat into energy. L- Carnitine Fumarate helps in elevating the energy levels of a human body and helps in fighting against fatigue and minimize tiredness that is caused due to the diet restrictions and keeps you active all day long. [4]

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is basically a mineral that is commonly found in the vegetables, whole grains, and meat. The primary function of this ingredient is to control the unnatural hunger and to resist the urge to eat sugar. Moreover, it helps in restricting your craving of eating carb and sugar and in this way your sugar levels will be controlled. This ingredient releases the sugar from the food to the cells of the human body that helps in satisfying the unhealthy sugary cravings and helps in keeping you active. Moreover, it makes sure that no sugar is changed into fat, hence your weight loss journey will become easy and long-lasting with the intake of this pill. [5]


Piperine is an ingredient that is extracted from the black pepper. Many researches show that piperine has the capability to resist against the development of new fat cells. Furthermore, this ingredient works in combination with Capsicum extract and it also possesses some thermogenic properties that helps in the breakdown of fat in a body and helps in generating heat inside a human body. Other than this, the components aid in improving the concentration of good cholesterol in the human body. [6]

Niacin Powder

Another essential ingredient of PhenQ is Niacin powder, this organic component has a sufficient amount of Vitamin B3 that is very essential for a human body. The function of Niacin powder is to prevent the storage of the consumed calories so that they are not stored as fats and to convert them into energy. With the intake of Niacin powder, doctors suggest that you need to stay active and exercise so that the Niacin effects make a difference in the human body. Because of the fast conversation of food into energy, you will probably want to eat again because you will be hungry. [7]


The ideal dosage of PhenQ is 2 pills per day.

Each bottle of PhenQ supplement contains 60 pills that are enough for one month. You can have one pill in the morning after breakfast with plenty of water and the other after lunch.

This is the right method as recommended by the manufacturing company. Moreover, avoid the intake of the supplement after the afternoon that is 3:00p.m. In order to avoid irregular sleeping schedules that can be caused due to the caffeine content involved in the pill.

In case, if you have missed your dose of the pill then do not try to double the intake of medication just because you have missed the dose. Wait till the next morning and start the cycle again properly.


PhenQ is a fat burning supplement that helps in weight loss.

All the ingredients that are involved in the manufacturing of this supplement have the properties that help in fat burning which helps in achieving your dream body.

PhenQ works great when it comes to burning fat and suppressing appetite.

The desired result of having a slim physique is because PhenQ ingredients have the properties that discourage fat production in the human body. It reduces weight caused by fat’s build-up and releases excess water retained in the human body. All the effective ingredients are carefully picked up by the manufactures and these components works efficiently to give the expected results.

You will witness a slimmer, and thinner body than before. With the continuous usage of the pill you will soon achieve the desired shape of your body.

As the supplement is 100% and carries no side effects so you can stop the intake of the pill as soon as you achieve the shape of your body that you have dreamt about.


PhenQ is a powerful new dieting formula that helps in weight loss and you will be able to achieve the desired shape of your body.

The positive PhenQ reviews by the users clearly shows that this supplement has a lot of benefits. So, below are a few benefits of the PhenQ supplement.

Stop Fat Production

One of the best benefits of PhenQ is that it reduces the new fat production in the human body that helps in preventing weight gain. The ingredients of the supplement have the ability to halt the production of the fat. And all these components of PhenQ prevent the storage of new fat which means that you will have a peace of mind that you are not going to gain weight while you are intending to lose weight. This is all because of the intake of this supplement that you don’t have to worry about the gain in weight.

Improves Mood And Mental Health

Weight loss can be very depressing for anyone. There are chances that you will witness conditions like depression, anxiety, restlessness, or fatigue. But when you have picked up the easy and safest ways of losing weight that is by using the supplement PhenQ, your brain function is improved and it results in a stable and better mental health. Many users have reviewed that with the intake of PhenQ they have experienced great changes in their mood. Meaning that PhenQ is a safe supplement that keeps you in a good mood and you no longer have to worry about the weight loss because the supplement will do its magic.

Enhanced Energy Levels

Usage of PhenQ supplement leads to increased energy levels in a human body. This is because of the fact that when the restored fat in your body is burnt it is then converted into energy. And a whole enough amount of energy is released into the body. When your body has boosted levels of energy you will be able to stay active and function more properly. The ingredients of the supplement boost up the energy levels and you will witness the results sooner with the intake of this pill.

Burn Stubborn Fat

Many of the ingredients of PhenQ supplement have thermogenic properties. Which means with the intake of the pills the thermogenesis process is increased. It is a natural process of increasing the heat inside the body. And the body temperature rises. The stubborn fat that is restored at different parts of a human body starts to melt. And in this way, the supplement works the best in burning fat.

Works As Appetite Suppressant

The common reason behind the weight gain is the midnight cravings, if these cravings are cut out weight gain will no longer be a problem. So, PhenQ has the ingredients that works as appetite suppressant and keeps your appetite balanced. Which means your cravings of eating carbs and sugar will be restricted with the daily dosage of PhenQ. So, in this way your consumption of calories is controlled.


All the ingredients that are used in the formation of PhenQ weight loss supplement are 100% natural.

All the above listed ingredients of the supplement are safe to as they are extracted from the natural components. These components are organic in nature and hence contain no side effects.

That means you don’t have to worry about any harsh reaction caused by the usage of the supplement as there is no artificial or chemical involved in the formation of PhenQ weight loss supplement.

The best thing about this supplement is that it is non-addictive because it does not contain any banned or mood-improving substances.

Just in case if you are going through some serious medical conditions, you can consult your doctor before the intake of this supplement. 

2) Phen375 Review

Phen375 is a weight loss supplement that is manufactured and prepared in California.

Phen375 weight loss pill

This fat reduction product is FDA approved and claims to be the medically researched solution for weight loss.

The unique formula of the pill contains ingredients that help in improving metabolic rate of a human body, suppresses unhealthy and unnatural food cravings, boosts energy levels, and burns extra pounds of fat from the human body and promotes weight loss.

The basic function of the pill is to burn the fat that is stored at the different parts of a human body.

It is a weight loss pill that only uses natural ingredients to curb weight so that your weight loss journey becomes safer and better for you.

Phen375 is a great alternative to Phentermine, this supplement works in a unique way that the weight is lost completely because of burning of body fat instead of body muscle mass.

This aggressive fat burner aims to improve the metabolism of a human body and increase thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a process in which the heat inside the body is increased.

Due to this the body temperature rises and you will experience that an insane amount of calories is burnt from your body. The fusion of natural catalysts and DHEA helps in burning fat and promotes weight loss and at the same time improves muscle strength and its growth.

You will surely witness some magical results with the continuous usage of this supplement because you will be able to achieve a slimmer, thinner, and healthier body that you only dreamt of.

You will feel more confident about your body because the supplement helps you in achieving the desired shape of your body and now you will be happier and energized than ever before.


Ingredients are basically the building blocks of any products.

The ingredients make it easier to understand how the product is going to work. The manufactures of the supplement carefully selected the ingredients that have fat burning properties and help in achieving a desired shape of your body.

All the ingredients that are utilized in the formation of Phen375 supplement are purely organic which means they are 100% natural.

Below is the list of active ingredients of Phen375 fat burner formula.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is commonly found in many foods like cheese, beef, milk, codfish, chicken breast and whole wheat. This specific ingredient helps in the production of energy. Phen375 is known as a popular and effective weight loss supplement because of the presence of this ingredient as this component has the capability to stimulate the release of stored fat into the bloodstream. Moreover, L-Carnitine plays a vital role in improving the health of the brain, heart and movement of the muscles of a human body. It also works the best in the fat burning process. L-Carnitine works by using the stored fat as a fuel that leads to the weight loss. [8]

Caffeine Powder Anhydrous

Caffeine is another active ingredient of Phen375 that is utilized in the formation of the pill in powder form. Caffeine Powder Anhydrous is basically the processed and dehydrated form of the Caffeine. The basic function of the caffeine is to improve your focus and to keep you alert all day long. Usually when you are losing weight, as you limit the food intake from usual and due to excessive exercise you feel dizzy and tired. But with the intake of Phen375 pill, the caffeine ingredient not only keeps you active but also improves the flow of blood in your body and even triggers the condition of lipolysis. Other than this, caffeine also suppresses appetite and improves the metabolic rate of a human body. [9]

Citrus Aurantium

Citrus Aurantium is basically an ancient Asian plant. The extract of Citrus Aurantium is used in the composition of Phen375 which itself is known as Synephrine and serves as an active ingredient. According to the studies that are, it is stated that Citrus Aurantium works as a thermogenesis booster. Thermogenesis is a process in which the amount of heat inside a human body is increased. When the temperature rises in the body, the stubborn fat starts burning. [10]

Coleus Forskohlii Root

About 10% of the active substance Forskolin is extracted from the root of the popular Coleus Forskohlii plant. The basic function of this ingredient is to improve the flow of blood in a human body and works as the blood vessel dilatator. Not only this but this ingredient helps in improving the fat burning mechanism and increases the testosterone levels as well. As it helps L-Carnitine to release the stored fats that leads to the effective fat burning process and leads to weight loss. It is suggested to work out properly and take a balanced diet, while using the pill for better and effective results. [11]

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is a mineral in nature that our body needs in small quantities. It is found in foods like tomatoes, broccoli, oats, lettuce green beans and barley. This Vital mineral benefits the consumers by maintaining the balanced blood glucose of the human body, stopping the appetite and lessening the sugar and carb cravings. The intake of this ingredient aids in improving lean muscle mass, promoting weight loss and decreases fat storage. [12]

Cayenne Powder

Cayenne powder is basically an ingredient of Phen375 and it is considered as a type of spicy pepper that is responsible for stimulating the heat production in the human body. When the amount of heat increases in the body it means the body temperature rises, and after that the process fat burning begins. All the restored fat is now burned so cayenne powder promotes weight loss. Thanks to the thermogenic properties of the active component of Capsaicin from the Cayenne Pepper, as the benefits a lot. From relieving muscle pain, controlling hunger, maintaining “bad cholesterol levels” to improved metabolic systems. [13]

Dendrobium Nobile Extract

The last but the least ingredient of Phen375 is Dendrobium Nobile Extract that is derived from the orchids. The plant of orchid is basically used as the pre-workout supplement as it has the properties that boosts physical and athletic performance. Along with this, the extract helps in boosting immunity, digestion and human body stamina. Helps in enhancing the effect of other ingredients like L-Carnitine, Capsaicin, and Caffeine. [14]


Each bottle of Phen375 supplement contains 30 pills that are enough for a month.

The dosage criteria of this dietary supplement is to take one pill and with plenty of water. The ideal time pill intake is 20 minutes before breakfast. This is a daily recommended dosage of the pill and does not exceed the recommended dosage.

Phen375 can be consumed by both males and females. It is advised by the manufactures to take the pill with minimum 2-3L water per day.

In order to witness the ultimate results you need to cut your daily caloric intake by 500 calories so that weight loss results can be seen prominently.


PhenQ is a weight loss, fat burning supplement and it contains all the natural ingredients that help in losing weight effectively in the safest and fastest way.

You can give this supplement a shot if you are expecting a thinner and slimmer physique. Manufacturers say that with the balanced diet, good workout and plenty of water intake, you will be able to see the expected results really soon.

You can now achieve a desired shape of your body that you only dream about, start your weight loss journey by consuming one pill of Phen375 daily. With a healthy diet, and regular exercise you will be able to witness some amazing changes in your physical body as well as in your self-confidence.


All the ingredients that are involved in the production of Phen375 are 100% organic and possess numerous benefits.

The unique formula of the Phen375 dietary pill helps in cutting body fat effectively. Moreover, there are many benefits of the pills as consumers give positive reviews about the supplement.

Few of the benefits of the Phen375 supplement are listed below.

Limit Food Cravings

Phen375 works as a potent appetite suppressant which means the pill aids in reducing the unhealthy cravings of sugary food and carbs. The supplement contains ingredients that provide fullness to the hunger. The first step of weight loss is to limit the portions of your meal, but with the consumption of Phen375 your appetite will be controlled automatically and you will no longer crave for food. So, one of the best benefits of Phen375 is that it controls hunger that results in reduced intake of unnecessary calories. So, you can now start your weight loss journey without worrying about the midnight cravings.

Improves Metabolism

Another amazing benefit of consuming Phen375 pill is that it activates the human body metabolism system. The pill consists of components that work effectively in the fastening of human metabolism which means that more amount of calories and fat is burnt that leads to quicker weight loss. The ingredients help in speed up the fat burning process and you see the changes in your body within no time. Moreover, the faster the metabolism the faster will be the weight loss process. This fat burning pill boosts up metabolic rate and keeps you active and energized all day every day.

Boots Energy And Improves Mental Health

Phen375 supplement consists of several energizers which means these numerous energizers play a vital role in providing energy to the body and hence benefits the consumers a lot. So, the energizers found in the supplement improve and boost up the energy levels of a human body so as an individual can work more effectively and actively in the process of fat burning. Not only this, but the supplement also consists of mind-boosting elements. The weight loss journey can be mind-stressing so in order to give peace of mind the mind booster elements present in the pills helps in gaining mental stability and alertness. So, that you will be able to focus more properly.


All of the ingredients of Phen375 are described above and it is clearly stated that the ingredients are all-natural which means they are directly extracted from the natural plants and elements.

No harsh chemical or artificial component is used in the making of Phen37 supplements that leads to severe side effects.

So, Phen375 is a supplement that is safe to use.

Most Phen375 reviews are positive as the consumers acknowledge that they have not experienced any side effects and the organic ingredients of the pills make their weight loss journey safe and easy.

Other than this if you are experiencing some medications you can consult your doctor before the intake of the pill.

PhenQ vs Phen375: Who Wins The Battle?

Having discussed both of the two legal alternatives to phentermine; now is time for the final verdict on PhenQ vs Phen375 debate.

Phenq vs Phen375 - Phen375 is winner

To settle the discussion, Phen375 is the better choice for a number of reasons such as:


The fat stored in the body is tough to lose, especially in areas of thighs, hips, and buttocks, because the thermogenic activity here is slow in comparison to other parts of the body.

So, to deal with this issue, Phen375 is the best weight loss pill because it has L-Carnitine and Coleus Forskohlii in its formula. Both of these components are potent fat burners that help you lose stubborn fat in the body.


When you are on your way to lose weight, it is always suggested to do regular exercise in order to increase your energy levels. Thus, Phen375 can provide you with the required caffeine which can boost up your energy before your daily workout sessions.

It also contains Dendrobium Nobile Extract which PhenQ does not have in its ingredients. The Dendrobium Nobile Extract helps with digestion of food as well as increases strength and endurance.

Moreover, Phen375 is the oldest supplement in the market, which means that there are a higher number of clinical researchers and testing to support the claims of the manufacturers of Phen375. So, it is better to choose a supplement that has covered more scientific journeys than a newer one.

What’s New in the Market for Healthy Weight Loss?

If you are looking for a new weight loss supplement, which is also safe and natural.

Then, we suggest you try Phengold for women and Prime Shred for men.

Both these supplements are the newest and most effective otc phentermine diet pills, that would help you achieve the desired results within no time.


Phengold contains caffeine, green coffee and green tea leaf extract which are the three most effective thermic agents.

These ingredients make Phengold the best pill to suppress appetite and also boost mechanism.

Thus, it is the best option for women who want to lose weight.


The most noticeable thing about the Prime Shred supplement is that it boosts energy and activity levels to the maximum.

For intense workout sessions, going to gym by men requires a lot of energy.

Therefore, the pills had green coffee and caffeine anhydrous in its compositions, which boosts energy while also burning fat, thus making it the best choice for men.


Losing tough body fat is not as simple as it sounds. It is not only about following a strict diet plan and doing exercise regularly. And, when you do all this but you feel no prominent results.

Phen375 diet pills for quick weight loss

That’s what makes you frustrated and crave for more food, which then again leads to eating in a way that is completely unhealthy for your body.

Thus, to ease your weight loss process, there are legal weight loss supplements available, which not only help you lose weight, but also helps to increase your strength and stamina.

After taking a detailed look at two of the best supplements for fat burning,

we reached the conclusion that Phen375 is the one you should definitely try.

So, don’t wait any longer and reach your weight loss goal with the best weight loss pill, or better say Phen375.