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PhenQ Review : Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects

PhenQ or another pack of lies! Well, we suggest you read this product review which has every detail about this famous product. It might be an eye-opener for you!

PhenQ is a mesmerizing product with truly no other comparison; it has revolutionized the health industry. As a matter of fact, it has left health professionals all over the world baffled by its many qualities.

The PhenQ pill is a dieting supplement that helps combat obesity.

This medication has many sophisticated ingredients, such as Α-LACYS RESET®, caffeine as well as L- Carnitine. Indeed, these remarkable ingredients have been clinically proven to burn fat as well as improve the body’s metabolism.

As an appetite suppressant, it has been applauded by many users globally. This product has been manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, which is a reliable company with numerous other products in the market.

Phenq Reviews 2020

They have been providing customers with impressive products for more than a decade. 

Customers have become loyal to this product because of its promising effect on minimizing body fat and increasing their energy stores. Besides, it does not use Phentermine, which is a harmful substance used by many companies in their dietary supplements.

In addition to their official Website, PhenQ is also available for purchase at Walmart, GNC, Amazon, and eBay.

However, it is recommended that customers buy an authentic product that ensures a guarantee of quality from their official Website.

PhenQ benefits

If you’re still unsure if you should invest in PhenQ for your weight reduction goals, let’s dive a little deeper into the claims made by this product.

Is PhenQ sold in stores?

There is no product available in the market that is perfect, without any disadvantages whatsoever. Any company that is marketing their medication without mentioning the side effects is lying to their customers!

Hence, here we take at all the benefits as well as the disadvantages of using PhenQ

  • It burns the fat stores in the body.
  • It contains a-Lacy, which has been proven to increase metabolism.
  • PhenQ has no known interaction with any other medications.
  • Customers have mentioned that it has enhanced their mood throughout the day
  • Vegetarians have also used this product without any complaints
  • The price of PhenQ is much lower than other competing diet supplements in the market
  • No prescription is required 
  • Very few side effects
  • All the ingredients used are natural, and FDA approved
  • Easily available on their official Website
  • Yields faster results within the first few months of use.

In order to keep the confidence of the customer intact, the manufacturers of PhenQ have provided a list of the possible side effects.

Many companies in the markets today hide their disadvantages in an attempt to deceive their clients, but that’s unethical, to say the least. 

The following are the possible side effects of using the PhenQ dieting supplement.

  • Not recommended to women that are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Patients with underlying systemic diseases should not consume it.
  • PhenQ cannot be used by children under the age of 18 to treat obesity.
  • Patients who are on long term prescription medication should not take PhenQ
  • There is very little research on how it reacts with other medications.

How does PhenQ work?

To do a thorough study of PhenQ and its attributes, we decided to take an in-depth look into the formula for this diet medication and their actions. [1]

Burning of body fat storage

The PhenQ pill vaporizes body fat; it increases metabolic rate and enhances energy stores. In a nutshell, this dieting supplement helps achieve dramatic weight loss, and customers are loyal to the product for this very reason.

Appetite Suppressant

Have you ever felt experienced those hunger cravings watching those cooking shows? That obvious salivation when we see those delicious desserts and scrumptious recipes. Well, there’s no need to worry this miracle pill has the solution to all our appetite-related problems. It works alongside other ingredients such as Caffeine and L- Carnitine to curb our cravings and hunger.

Reducing Fat Production

The PhenQ pill targets specific fat-storing cells known as adipose tissue and destroys them to achieve weight reduction. It increases the metabolic rate in the body and helps combat obesity. In conclusion, it uses natural active ingredients to stop our body from producing fat. 

Enhancing Energy

Most people suffering from obesity are also experiencing low energy stores within the body. They get tired easily, need to rest every few hours, and are unable to perform the necessary activities in their lives. To reach their maximum potential in life they need an energy boost. That is where PhenQ comes in, it is truly the best weight loss supplement in the market, and it will eliminate obesity.

Uplifting mood

Low moods and periods of sadness are often experienced by obese people. In their struggle to achieve weight reduction, they often lose hope and become pessimistic. What’s more, is they give up on getting their ideal body type.

In situations such as these, PhenQ is known as the best weight loss supplement for a reason. It has multiple actions and also works on increasing dopamine in the body that enhances your mood. Customers have written rave reviews about the mood uplifting properties of this supplement.

Low moods can affect our productivity in jobs as well as personal relationships. Hence, we should act immediately and improve our conditions by 

using reliable medications such as PhenQ

Increasing Thermogenesis

There are many dieting products in the market, but none of them can claim to act as rapidly as PhenQ in decreasing weight and improving metabolism. Thermogenesis is a process by which the body burns fat storage and creates energy.

This is why the renowned scientists working in Wolfson Berg Limited have tried to create a product that targets the fat-burning sites in the body specifically. Years of effort have gone into creating this weight, reducing supplement that combats obesity without using Phentermine. 

How to use PhenQ

PhenQ has been manufactured into bottles complete with user instructions and an ingredients list. The recommended dosage of this supplement is 2 pills a day to decrease weight and effectively combat obesity.  

One pill is to be taken in the morning with your breakfast and another in the afternoon with lunch.

how phenq works for weight loss

Doctors had advised against taking PhenQ in the evening because one of the active ingredients used in this supplement is caffeine.

As a result of the stimulating actions of caffeine, customers might experience increased alertness and changes in sleep patterns. 

In addition, those customers who are highly sensitive to the effects of caffeine are recommended to decrease their intake of tea, coffee other caffeine inclusive stimulants.

The use of PhenQ varies with every customer. However, most have given feedback on achieving their ideal weight within the first 6 months of usage. Conclusively customers are recommended to continue their intake of the supplement until they reach their goal weight. 

How can PhenQ help in Treating obesity 

Body shaming, we’ve all been subjected to it. We’ve all experienced the detrimental impact it has on our self self-esteem. In a world dominated by social media influence, you simply can’t seem to escape it. [2]

The magazine covers with those ravishing Vogue models, all that red carpet glamour with its mesmerizing exhibition of beautiful celebrities.

Have you ever caught yourself staring at those fabulous, toned models and envied them? People struggling with weight issues often struggle with self-esteem. 

We understand your predicament and have done adequate research into a product that can help your body in getting rid of unnecessary fat cells. You’ll feel younger, more energetic, agile, and ready to take on the world!

Some of the noteworthy qualities of this product are that it helps burn your body’s fat deposits. Not only that but it curbs your appetite too making it an ideal long term solution for decreasing weight.

It revitalizes your body, improves energy, and enhances mood. This product has been known to make customers feel youthful. It targets your adipose (fat deposit) cells specifically and destroys them so they can no longer cause harm to your body with unnecessary fat layers.

In response, your body releases powerful antioxidants and combats laziness leaving you with a renewed sense of purpose and a younger body! 

Supple, hydrated skin, a slim beautiful body all this is just one click away with PhenQ the best weight loss supplement available in the market.

It’s a product that is made up of organic ingredients and essential chemicals that help provide the body with healthy energy. It combats all the fat storage mechanisms and reverses their harmful reactions to help you achieve your ideal body type.

 It’s a product that utilizes the natural mechanism in the body and helps to burn all unnecessary fat. It increases the body’s metabolism and thermogenesis.

The organic ingredients in this pill will activate antioxidants in the body and cause the fat cells to die and leaving behind a beautiful, ravishing body figure.

Why customers choose PhenQ

Customers suffering from obesity are exhausted from trying so many different products in the market. This supplement packed full of natural ingredients will also work as a mood enhancer, helps in achieving a happy, healthy life. 

This exceptional product is FDA approved, and the manufacturers have provided their valued customers with a detailed description of all these ingredients used in its production.

Unlike all other rival companies producing weight loss pills that harm the body, the manufacturers of PhenQ do not use Phentermine. 

The goal of this supplement is to keep customer health as their number one priority. Customer satisfaction is their main goal. And to keep their confidence, they haven’t hidden any ingredients used to make this product, all details are mentioned on the bottle label.

Phenq Ingredients

PhenQ uses only the most natural ingredients that are approved by the FDA.

The formulation of this dietary supplement was manufactured in a way that would benefit the human body. These active ingredients are safe for consumption. [3]

What is the best weight loss pill?

This product has been manufactured keeping in mind that customer health is of the utmost priority all ingredients are safe to be used by vegan customers and have very little side effects research has proven that caffeine and l carnitine work simultaneously to burn fat storage and enhance mood.

This is precisely the reason why PhenQ customers are so loyal to this product. 


a-LACYS RESET is an active ingredient famous for its strong antioxidant abilities. It is composed of two organic ingredients alpha-lipoic acid (a strong antioxidant) and cysteine. A- LACYS RESET is an amazing solution to all kinds of oxidative stress.

It is the best product to use for a complete detox of the body. This product is not only exemplary in reducing body fat tissue but as well as increasing muscle mass. This ingredient will combat fatigue and energize its consumer. Say goodbye to all sorts of metabolic disorders as this patented active ingredient is a metabolic balancer and contributes to overall wellbeing.

All of this is accomplished by a-LACYS RESET outstanding ability to increase ATP (energy) production in the body. This leads to more breakdown of adipose tissue (fat tissue), which in turn leads to a slimmer and healthier body.

The excess energy contributes to muscle mass. In this way, it is also a powerful mood enhancer and changes the lifestyle of its consumer. But the benefits of a-LACYS RESET do not end here because it has also been linked to anti-aging and detoxification.

We all know that the build-up of free radicals in the body can cause immeasurable damage to it, so a-LACYS RESET is necessary to recognize and combat these free radicals. In these multiple ways, each PhenQ pill completely changes the lifestyle of its user.


This is a concentrated natural extract from hot peppers. It helps to maintain your natural body metabolism and increase lipolysis (the breakdown of fat). Capsimax powder basically provides your body with an increase of capsaicinoids. It is a known, powerful caloric burner.

The energy you produce every day is increased significantly by ingesting this product. If used before exercise, it will lead to a shockingly positive change in metabolism. This extract gives you all the benefits of natural hot peppers without the burn.

Capsimax is active ingredients that will not only help you lose weight but will also prevent your body from gaining weight. Another outstanding benefit of capsimax is its ability to generate heat in the body. This process is commonly known as thermogenesis and is a great way to lose weight and keep yourself healthy.

As a natural ingredient, capsimax is an excellent way to keep your body healthy. Your body requires some levels of capsaicinoids to work optimally; capsimax not only meets your body’s requirements but also exceeds them.

In this way, you not only burn all of your excess fat but also keep the weight off. The benefits of capsimax are numerous and necessary for healthy living


This is a natural dietary supplement that can help you lose weight in a completely unique way. This compound fights against those pesky cravings that eventually lead to weight gain. Every time you feel the need to stuff your face with sweets and sugars, chromium picolinate will help you stop yourself.

This effect of chromium is scientifically proven and can help kick your addiction to sweets to the curb. It basically helps the hormone insulin perform its fat reducing function. It will help to significantly lower your raised blood sugar levels when needed.

The metabolism of carbohydrates and fats is made much easier with the help of chromium. This is an amazing supplement for people worried about their sugar levels and cholesterol. Its mood-enhancing abilities are obvious immediately after its use.

So, everyone who desires to lose weight and maintain their new success should look into PhenQ as its active ingredient chromium picolinate will help its user take huge steps towards their dream weight and figure.

No need to be scared of losing all you progress as chromium guarantees that you will retain your good physical condition

4. NOPAL  

All of us have been told that the best way to lose a lot of weight is to increase your fiber intake. The benefits of fiber are numerous and irrefutable. But consuming the adequate amounts of fiber needed by your body is difficult. Nopal is a cactus famous for its fiber padding.

This fiber will help to normalize the bowel movements of the body and, in this way, decrease your weight and soften your stool. Say goodbye to constipation and diarrhea as Nopal with its high fiber content, will make sure to keep you at optimum health.

Another benefit of Nopal is its potential in lowering cholesterol levels in the body. As the cholesterol levels in your blood drop, your chances of a heart condition drop as well. Nopal will help its consumer feel fuller and hence eat fewer calories.

 The fiber in Nopal will greatly ease your bowel movements as well as make digestion as easy as possible for your body. Since fiber is not digested by our body, it will add 0% to your calories and 100 % to your health. 


This is a natural amino acid that is helpful in lipolysis (the breakdown of fat). Its main function is to carry fatty acids inside the cell to be broken down by mitochondria, this releases a lot of energy and helps utilize the fat stores in the body. As it slowly works its way through the body, it breakdowns and reduces fat all over. 

It especially helps in the reduction of belly fat. The increase in energy level has its own added benefit, like an easier increase in muscle mass and mood enhancement. This is a naturally occurring compound found in most vegetables and fruits. If you struggle to lose weight, especially belly fat, L-Carnitine fumarate is a safe and healthy way to do it. 


Caffeine is beneficial in so many ways. It is a powerful appetite suppresser. So, for those looking to lose a few pounds, caffeine can be a great friend. Its benefits in burning body fat and thermogenesis are scientifically proven. It is a known fact that caffeine in the morning can not only energize you but can also enhance your mood and daily health. Caffeine has always been recommended to reduce fatigue and increase alertness.

So, to achieve your dream figure and weight, this ingredient can help you greatly. PhenQ contains the optimum amount of caffeine needed for the body for its best functioning.

What is Phentermine?

 An important fact to take into account is that it does not contain Phentermine; therefore, it doesn’t require a prescription from a doctor for you to buy it.

Which is better PhenQ or phentermine?

Phentermine is used under the brand name lonamine is used alongside diet and exercise to decrease weight and reduce appetite. However, it has many negative impacts on the body and is no longer recommended by the FDA. 

It can lead to many negative side effects, such as increased blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, and constipation. Doctors advise against using Phentermine for more than a few weeks due to its harmful properties on the body.

Phentermine Vs. PhenQ

PhenQ was developed using the latest in science and technological advancements and research, trademarked with a formula of α-Lacys Reset.

This supplement can be taken once daily and can be altered based on the results obtained. A body transformation can be seen as early as the first few months of use. [4]

PhenQ acts on the fat storage areas of the body and improves energy levels without compromising on the quality or the health of the customer.

In comparison, Phentermine acts on the brain to decrease appetite and can end up causing irreversible damage to the body.

What’s more, is that it can increase blood pressure in obese patients that are already suffering from hypertension. In conclusion, the FDA has banned the use of Phentermine in all diet supplements.

The manufacturers of PhenQ have worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure customer health as a priority and provide assured quality products.

The price of PhenQ has also decided based on customer requirements, keeping in mind that good health is always the main goal.

In contrast, customers that bought Phentermine had to pay a lot more per bottle to treat their obesity, while compromising on their health. 

Who can benefit from taking PhenQ?

 This diet supplement can be taken twice daily, and doses can be altered based on the results obtained. A body transformation can be seen as early as the first few months of use. 

Not sure of your results? Try it with your partner, combine this supplement with diet and exercise, and achieve your ideal weight. This pill is suitable for both males and females.

 Elaborate clinical studies have shown a drastic increase in muscle mass along with a significant decrease in body weight after using PhenQ. It is suitable for all adults above the age of maturity. 

This supplement can be taken with water or with regular meals throughout the day. A boost in energy levels is expected, along with improved moods. 

This product is in high demand, and customers have been noted to invest in long term packages for these slimming pills. It has been recognized as an alternative to months of exercise and slimming belts.

This medication is quickly being called the best dieting supplement, and it’s helping more customers achieve their ideal body weight every day!

Is it available on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most widely used buying platforms in the world. Every day millions of people put up their products to sell, exchange, and barter. It is a powerful tool for conducting business in the modern world. But about PhenQ on Amazon?

That is the question most frequently asked by customers. The simple answer is yes.

Although PhenQ bottles are available on Amazon, there is no guarantee about the authenticity of the products. Buyers on Amazon sell used items as well, so we can’t assure that you’ll receive the same quality.

In a nutshell, it is advised that all customers buy PhenQ dieting supplements from the official Website.

Is PhenQ available on GNC?

GNC is a very popular company selling nutrition and health-related products on demand. Many customers have mentioned positive experiences by shopping at GNC.

However, their area of expertise lies with their own manufactured products. PhenQ pills are available at GNC stores around the globe, but it is recommended to buy them from the official certified website.

Is PhenQ available on eBay?

eBay is a website that offers multiple services to its clients. It is an American based multinational corporation. A few of the services provided are; business to consumer and consumer to consumer sales.

As such, people can sell used or damaged PhenQ bottles using this facility, there is little to no quality inspection guarantee on used items.

Hence, it is advised that all PhenQ customers try and buy their supplements from the official Website.

Is PhenQ available at Walmart?

Walmart is an internationally recognized chain of supermarkets, departmental stores, and grocery stores. Customers keep coming back to this chain of stores because of their large discounts and bargains.

The PhenQ official website offers a multitude of discount prices to help customers buy the required amount they need to decrease their weight and fight off obesity.

Where to buy PhenQ?

The official Website for PhenQ is:

The Website offers Flash Sales, discounts, and bargains to provide its customers with pocket-friendly treatments for obesity.

Free Shipping is offered anywhere in the world by the manufacturers of PhenQ.

Each bottle of PhenQ dietary supplement is available for 69.95 $, with an additional discount of 10.00 $. That is simply put an irresistible offer!

Phenq Customer Reviews

What is the best diet pill you can buy at Walmart?

After meticulous research throughout the internet, some of the noteworthy feedback given by customer of PhenQ are as follows.

 “I tried PhenQ on the recommendation of my friend Alicia who suffered from obesity for over 10 years. And I can safely say that PhenQ has changed my life. It has completely transformed the way I look at my body.

By the use of PhenQ I have lost more than 50 pounds. I had tried everything before PhenQ keto, IF, CICO, etc but the numbers on the scale would just not go down.

Ever since I started using PhenQ my weight has fallen magically. I’m in a much better mood, and it has given me more energy during the day.

PhenQ has given me the chance to enjoy life in a completely new way. I recommend PhenQ to anyone who wants to live a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle.”

– Amanda GA

PhenQ is by far the best dietary supplement. Not only has it had a profound impact on improving weight loss management for customers, but it changed their outlook on life as well.

Another customer stated;

“PhenQ has revolutionized the way I deal with my body shaming issues. I now have the confidence to excel in my professional as well as personal life.

I’ve only been using PhenQ for 3 months, and I’ve already started seeing a huge difference in my weight.

As a child, I always struggled with obesity and lacked self-esteem, but now I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life with Phenq.” 

– Synthia, MA

“I’ve grown up watching runway models and actresses and have always felt I lacked that glamour.

I was very dissatisfied with how I looked and tried multiple dietary restrictions but nothing worked as well as PhenQ.

This supplement curbed my appetite and helped me control my hunger, which is a huge blessing”

– Marcy, FL.

Final Thoughts on PhenQ Reviews

After reading countless reviews on the internet about PhenQ, we came to the inevitable conclusion that this product has appealed to a very large population suffering from obesity.

There are very few side effects mentioned in any of the customer reviews.

The mood-enhancing effects of this supplement have not gone unnoticed by the clients, and many are claiming it has changed their entire outlook on life.

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Is it more difficult for an older person to lose weight? Gianna look to be very straight, i am 54 and i just need to cut off some extra pounds from my belly and hips, thinking to take PHENQ but if it will works on me ?

Hey @Ruby – as a food supplement , phenq has only natural ingredients and has no side effects yet so it can be use at any age as per dosage mentioned at the label.

It surely gonna help you!
Good luck.

Hey @Katy – Thanks for stopping by, actually this is not miracle pill so it required your concentration and dedication, you need to take care of your diet as well and then as mentioned in label, you need to take 2 pills a day, 1 with breakfast and 1 with lunch , hope you will see the results soon!

best of luck!

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