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Natural Fat Burners: Top 5 Fat Loss Supplements [2021]

Natural fat burners are demanded by lots of people, especially women who could do anything to lose a pound.

Natural fat burners are demanded by lots of people, especially women who could do anything to lose a pound.

Natural fat burners that you can also find in the foods provide multiple nutritional values without harming the body functions.

There can be harm done by the natural fat burner only if you are taking them in the wrong way or under incorrect circumstances.

Best 5 Natural Fat Burning Supplements

Today we have listed the best 5 natural fat burners in 2021 which you can find almost in every top-rated weight loss supplements.

Let’s see what they are and how do they work.

1) Caffeine

Caffeine is the top natural fat burner which comes in the class “Brain Stimulant”.

caffeine supplements

It is incorporated in so many diet pills because of its mind alerting property and metabolism-boosting process.

According to the weight loss guidelines, caffeine can improve metabolism by 18% for more than 3 hours, which can be beneficial if you used that boost adequately.

It is led to believe by the medical science that caffeine helps the body to burn fats and consume them as a fuel for energy.

Taking caffeine too much can build tolerance in your system for which you need to quit taking it for some days. Having a cup of strong coffee each day can improve weight loss goals.

2) Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is noticeably beneficial in weight loss and is available in capsule form.

Green Tea Supplements

The secret about Green Tea efficacy in weight loss is the rich amount of polyphenols called Epigallocatechin Gallate which burns the body fat.

Along with caffeine, green tea extract works like a charm by inducing the thermogenesis.

It is the increased amount of body temperature, which naturally burns the fat reservoir and let you feel more energetic for a wholesome amount of time.

In studies, consuming green tea extract by one group experienced 16 times more mental alertness than the ones who took a placebo.

The regular dose of Green Tea extract is around 250-500 mg which can be obtained by drinking 3-5 cups of green tea every day.

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3) Soluble Fibers

Fibers are of 2 types, soluble fiber is something that absorbs the water in your stomach and forms a gel-like complex.

Soluble FIbers supplements

This formation of the gel-like complex can diminish the appetite, which makes users eat less or nothing at all.

Soluble fibers are also though to provoke appetite-suppressing hormone which signals the feeling of fullness to your head.

These hormones are PYY and GLP-1!

You can get as many nutrients from the soluble fibers without excess calories converted into fat.

If you are willing to use soluble fiber, which is a very good option for weight loss, make sure it has Glucomannan or other natural herbs in it.


It is a fat-burning compound which is found in the bark of the tree called Pausinystalia Yohimbe.

Yohimbine extracts supplements

Yohimbine has dual actions, first, it is a libido booster which increases the urge for having sex in men and women.

Secondly, it’s a natural fat burner which blocks the receptor, known as Alpha-2 Adrenergic receptors. The purpose of these receptors is to bind with the adrenaline and thereby suppressing its action.

It prevents the breakdown of adrenaline and increases the energy amount which results in massive fat burn.

A study on Yohimbine was conducted on the world’s 20 top soccer players, the intake of 20mg of Yohimbine per day can reduce 2.2% body fats within 2-3 weeks.

It is an excellent adrenaline retainer, but you never use it with the antihypertensive medications or antidepressant since its effects are opposite.

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5) Protein Powder

The relation between protein and weight loss is close, protein intake can curb your appetite, which pushes away the extra fat and turns them into lean mass.

protein powder supplements

A study conducted on 60 obese individuals elucidated that intake of high protein diet is twice as effective as a low protein diet for effective weight loss.

Protein tends to hold hunger hormones like Ghrelin and reduce its level for a longer period.

It doesn’t cause hunger pangs which is a nightmare for some users and this is what you can eat ideally without worrying about weight gain.

Some rich protein sources are eggs, protein powder, casein, and whey protein. You may have seen them in bodybuilders dietary regimen who likes to put on mass and lose fat.

The intake of protein powder should not exceed 50 mg per day which is about 2 scoops before going to the gym,

Other Supplements That May Help You Burn Fat

There are other supplements and ingredients which help you lose weight!

Our analysis of these components so that they are now having the largest number of users who are satisfied with the fat burn outcomes.

  1. Garcinia Cambogia: One of the powerful ingredients which can be found in many diet pills such as Phen24 and more.
  2. Chromium: A remarkable appetite suppressant found in PhenQ and other diet pills.
  3. Synephrine: Also known as bitter orange extract, the way it removes fat is quite impressive. You can find Synephrine in Phen375 as a tool for stubborn fat eradication.


Adding the aforementioned weight loss supplements in your diet routine can benefit your body and mind.

These ingredients can also be taken as fat burner foods which improves your mental skill while losing hundreds of calories per day.


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