His Secret Obsession Review – Does It Work?

What is the secret obsession of a man? Discover His Secret Obsession Review: Is it Worth it?

His Secret Obsession is the latest remedy for most women who are trying to find the inner-most desires of men.

Getting away from a toxic relationship but you still have feelings for the man himself?

That’s hard to decipher since females face a hard time understanding the male ego, but it all came to a solution guide.

But does the guide works in terms of making the best out of a relationship?

Understanding men in relationships is sometimes easy and most of the time it’s out of your reach.

What is His Secret Obsession?

Putting it bluntly, His Secret Obsession is a relationship guide for women. It’s a guide with tons of catchphrases and tricks to fill the gap between you and your partner.

His Secret Obsession Review: Is This PDF Legit?

Written by James Bauer, His Secret Obsession works by letting women know exactly what most men think exactly and how to find the best attraction for them.

When you start reading the book, you will find it formatted into two different parts.

Overall, there are 17 modules and each of them talks about the most common relationship issues and how to get over them to maintain a healthy relation.

The book has the first main program followed by a 7-days workbook and then text message formulas.

About the Author – James Bauer

James Bauer instantly got public attention when he started delivering relationship advice online.

Most parts of his studies were spent on researching male habits and the reactions to relationship issues.

He has a wide perspective about men and according to his studies, he has got a valid conclusion for every woman.

For those who may not know, James is a trained psychologist who is responsible for publishing “What Men Secretly Want” some years back.

James told users that his knowledge about men’s desires does not come from books entirely, some major traces of personal experience are involved that James used in His Secret Obsession very smartly.

Who Should Buy/Read His Secret Obsession?

Any woman who wants to be the apple of her man’s eyes may start reading this book.

Women who are tired of seeing a singular nature in their men and want to explore more traits must buy this book right away.

Apart from this:

Married women who have not been getting proper attention from their husband and the marriage is at the bleakest stage.

There are many things that you are missing, His Secret Obsession will help you understand what that you miss.

For females whose boyfriends are committed to them but the interest seems to fade away, this might be an applicable chance to make him the ONE.

For women who think their marriage is failing due to the communication gap, this guide is immensely useful to them.

Who Shall Not Read His Secret Obsession

Not every woman has the same taste in men as this guide portrays, some women may find it useless because:

They already have a happy married life and a relationship, this case won’t be requiting to put extra demands on men.

This guide is not for men so guys won’t try to read it to mend a broken relationship.

The Special Thing About His Secret Obsession

It’s the HERO INSTINCT that has been described wonderfully by James Bauer in His Secret Obsession. It’s only the very duty of an expert psychologist to analyze men in such a creative way.

James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession has the first whole part based on the Hero Instinct. What is it?

His Secret Obsession

A Hero Instinct is a hidden male characteristic that you can explore in every man if you look closely. The instinct drives a man’s power and feelings towards their partner and he won’t be knowing about it.

Most men lose this Hero Instinct after going through a lot, but it’s an inevitable trait that cannot be killed. Men who get lost and ignore their Hero Instinct are the ones who end up their happy relationships.

Men are simple creatures, but they also want to be the Hero, at least for one person in their lifetime.

This sounds perfectly normal and based on male physiological natures too.

This doesn’t mean men want to be Alpha Male and leading the crowd all the time, look closely at how men strive around to be your personal hero.

Feeding off man’s ego is a doorway to his heart, according to James Bauer.

He suggests that it’s a man’s habit to show his ego, driving those away would be a bad idea, instead, there are certain ways to feed his ego that will give you the charismatic authority over him.

This is just an introduction to His Secret Obsession, the first section of the book comprises of the following parts. 

  • The Secret Longing of Every Man
  • The Unspoken Desire He’ll Never Admit
  • Make Him See the Light
  • The Fascination Trigger
  • Why Men Say, “I’m just not ready.”
  • How your Desire Can Fascinate Him
  • The Secret Current of Happy Relationships
  • Rocket Fuel: How to Build Relationship Momentum Fast
  • How to Become His Secret Obsession
  • Get Deeper Intimacy by Revealing More
  • Three Things that Can Go Wrong (and how to fix them)

User Reviews about His Secret Obsession

We are talking about the target audience here, who James Bauer asserted as the beneficiary of this book.

If you take a closer look, you will find the book dictates that natural characteristic that we found in every single man.

The credit goes to the first part of the book where James talks about the Hero Instinct, which seems to melt away women for their partners.

This book absolves all the notions about being Alpha Male from a male perspective.

Pros of his secret obsession

The book is lengthy but it’s good that they have divided it into easy to ready and short parts. You can learn about the case studies from the host provided with the book.

Readers of His Secret Obsession ranked it 5 out of 5 stars.


  • Everything you need to know about men is in there! It’s the best book for saving a drowning relationship, esp in this modern era. The 200 pages of the book not only state what men want but provide ways to counter the issues. Some case studies are also provided to the readers, these are the real ones each of which fills your brain with useful friendship and relationship techniques.
  • His Secret Obsession comes with applicable advice with tons of tutorials. This will reduce the commination gap between you two and hence an enhanced connection between partners remains to co-exist.
  • The book works on research-based claims which every author partially uses. The stories and studies that you will find with evidence may somehow change your mind about doubting your husband over little things.
  • His Secret Obsession comes with a 60-Days money-back guarantee, what does this mean now? It’s not just a random dating guide but a lifestyle to carry once you want better for your relation.


You cannot buy or purchase His Secret Obsession from any book store, other than the official website.

His Secret Obsession Bonus for Readers

The book comes with multiple surprises in a form of bonus readers, which are:

  1. Bonus: Why Men Shut Women Out
  2. Bonus: The 3 A’s of Effortless Attraction
  3. Uncover His Deepest Desires with Easy “Relationship Detective” Methods
  4. Bonus: Hero Instinct Case Study #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Every case study shows a different picture of life which women will be able to relate to with their lives.

Every material of the book is available online which is instant and right at your fingertips.

How to Order His Secret Obsession?

The whole program is available on the official website of His Secret Obsession, the officials are selling it at $56.40 which also comes with 60-days money-back guarantee.

his secret obsession free pdf

Considering the price vs benefits, it’s nothing compared to the relationship counseling on which you waste hundreds of bucks.

Summarizing His Secret Obsession Review- Does It Work?

The books only provide you the guidelines, but in the end, it’s all up to you whether you carry those ways and put them into action.

For many reasons, the guide His Secret Obsession is a big success amongst women.

Like they will come to know the dark secrets about their partner which most of the time leads to intense sexual encounters that remain forever.

From a practicing psychologist, a renowned author, such books do not come by every year.

It’s worth a shot!