Female Bodybuilding – 3 Best Muscle Building Supplements for Women

Female bodybuilding – Learn how these 3 Muscle Building Supplements for Women works, what are the Effects & Results! [2019]

Female bodybuilding – Learn how these 3 Muscle Building Supplements for Women works, what are the Effects & Results! [2021]

It is not a job of a week to build muscle mass and produce revealing ABS and a fit body. Female fitness models and bodybuilders around the world use the female muscle building diet along with the supplementation.

Female bodybuilding supplements define the rates of success you are going to achieve in the fitness ground.

Seeing those amazing bodies on TV and social media always daunt our spirits, but it also takes dedication and pure hard work to reach this stage. Making a perfect body is not so easy!

Unless you use the right type of bodybuilding supplements, clearly it’s an era of males with so many options available to modify their bodies.

Women, on the other hand, feels left out sometimes since the market has only a limited amount of supplement to grow the muscles with ease in them.

Female Bodybuilding – Being Strong Woman is SEXY!!!

Crazy Bulk female bodybuilding supplements show us the positive and creative site for females who are in desperate need of natural components.

steroids for females

It is true that Crazy Bulk is an official dealer of female legal steroids, but that’s a vague term which we will skip for now.

No, we are not predicting your body figures like those female bodybuilders who lost the sight of a feminine touch.

We are talking about the pure sculpted, toned and sexier body that these supplements are offered to females only.

Using bodybuilding supplements designed for men or the use of anabolic steroids is associated with the generation of men like traits in females which includes hair growth on the face, libido loss, and other complications.

Legal steroids or supplements by Crazy Bulk tend to provide the right amount of natural ingredients to the females so they can optimize their physical structure.

No woman wants to lose the round shape of her buttocks, which common use of bodybuilding supplements goes against to.

This is why we need a perfect balance for these elements that burns fat in you so the muscle mass will be flaunting outside in a ripped form. Also, female love abs for which these top 3 female bodybuilding supplements can get of great help.

Besides adding charm and charisma to female bodies, legal supplements for bodybuilding deliver positive results to the mental health and reduce mental fog.

Best 3 Muscle Building Supplements for Women [2021 Updated]

Here we are going to discuss the top-rated female bodybuilding supplements by Crazy Bulk which has changed the way females do a workout now!

1) CLENBUTROL (Clenbuterol Alternative)

Clenbuterol for women

Clenbutrol by Crazy Bulk is an incredible fat burner that is ideal for the female cutting cycle.

It reminds you of the 90’s era where many professional athletes and female bodybuilders used Clenbuterol.

In the list of best natural fat burners for females, this supplement has managed to find a place in the top 5 ones.

For females, Clenbutrol can help attain back the 6 packs abs with toned butts.


  • Vitamin B3
  • Garcinia Cambogia (50% HCA Content)
  • Bitter Orange Extract
  • Guarana Extract

2) ANVAROL (Anavar Alternative)

Anavar for women

Anvarol is the most trusted female steroid that has been used since ages by female bodybuilders.

Not to mention this one is designed for both men and women to achieve the bodybuilding goals.

Anvarol gives you extra pushups and additional energy so the bodybuilding phase will go smoothly.


  • Whey Protein
  • Soy Protein
  • Adenosine 5-Triphosphate Disodium
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids

3) WINSOL (Winstrol Alternative)

winstrol for women

Winsol can be predicted as a versatile female bodybuilding supplement that can be used for cutting and bulking as well.

It is recommended for those females who want to make their muscle mass hard, rigid and become more powerful.

Furthermore, it provides fast-acting results to the females who are using it for cutting purposes.


  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Choline
  • Wild Yam Root
  • Safflower Oil
  • DMAE

What Are Crazy Bulk Female Muscle Building Supplements?

Crazy Bulk legal steroids for women

Crazy Bulk is the largest dealer of legal steroids designed for men and women.

These fat burning steroids mimicking legal supplements for bodybuilding enable women system to flush out the fat and create optimum size muscle mass which is completely lean.

There have been false opinions about female bodybuilding because of most of the display not women like physique.

Well, this is too much going and now the latest bodybuilding supplements for women helps them to achieve the greatest strength within a sexy range of physique.

They are natural, made from elements that have been picked from the plant source.

You may be amazed to read that the steroidal contents are mainly extracted from the plants which have been then genetically modified and created as an anabolic steroid.

Legal steroids work the same way, but since they are natural so it might take them a little bit longer than steroids, but hey! There are no side effects involved, which is something new in the female bodybuilding market.

Thousands of women who used Crazy Bulk supplements are showing their transformed body in social media are encouraging their followers to not give up their dreams.

Potential Benefits of Crazy Bulk

If we begin to jot down the list of benefits that crazy bulk legal steroids for women are offered, we could write a whole article about it. But let us shorten up the list so you can get an idea about the best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain female.

  • They are completely natural, safe, easy, legal and effective
  • Builds up your stamina during a workout
  • Promote lean muscle mass growth
  • Enable fat loss
  • Can be used by females for bulking, cutting or strength gains
  • Effects are observed within 30 days
  • Increases female endurance, stamina, and energy throughout the day
  • Crazy Bulk female bodybuilding supplements can do greater things for women, they can be used in combination for a competitive purpose at a gym

Ingredients in Crazy Bulk for Women

Crazy Bull female bodybuilding supplements unlock the true potentials in females but if you are looking for other brands make sure they have the same ingredients.

female bodybuilding ingredients

These 3 ingredients are the best for females when it comes to increasing the size of muscles, endurance with unlimited power supply.

  • Protein (Amino Acids)

Having protein is important for male and females because it forms the muscle mass in the body. When protein goes inside the stomach it is converted into many amino acids which serve different purposes. Amino acid starts the chain of protein synthesis, which only happens when you take exogenous protein from diet or supplements.

Common sources for protein are eggs, soy, meat, and dairy products which provide a healthy number of amino acid to females. Female requires protein for bodybuilding and the ratio of intake depends on their weight, according to the standard guidelines for every pound there is 0.8 gram of protein intake is required.

  • Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine is also an amino acid, but it belongs to the class of non-essential ones. The main purpose of beta alanine, like amino acids, is to increase the level of Carnosine in the muscles which looks after the pH balance inside muscular cells. When this happens and the pH level is maintained, you will take more time at the gym and the chances of muscle fatigue are delayed.

Female should take 4-6 grams of Beta Alanine per day, which can also be leveled up to a smaller dose after 2 weeks.

  • Creatine

Creatine has to do with the endurance level, which supports the strength gain. For athletes, it is like God Father of supplements that provides more power and greater results. Creatine in the female body is metabolized rapidly and hence provide faster results.

The daily dose for Creatine for women is 3-30 mg per day.

Bodybuilding Stack for Females

bodybuilding stack for women

Female bodybuilding stack is the combination of 2 or 3 supplements to deliver the maximum benefits. It is usually applied by women for removing the fat contents which have been there for years.

This workout plan for females can be energetic, full of enthusiasm and focus.

Benefits of Female Bodybuilding Stack

Let’s imagine, you only have a month for the beach season and your belly is protruding outside.

Using Crazy Bulk fat burn supplements can be helpful, but not if you want it in some weeks. This is where stack comes in your way to maximize your body true potentials.

They are legal, safe and there are no needles includes which makes it ideal for female body system.

Here is how women should use the stacks by Crazy Bulk.

  • The use of Clenbuterol capsules before every workout session, it will generate more power and let you burn unnecessary stored fat
  • In between workouts, taking Anvarol can help elevate the energy and power of your muscles
  • Using Winsol with Clenbuterol delivers the same benefits as with Anvarol

The Stack comes with packaging that will last you for a month, which is enough by the way.

Best Muscle Building Exercises for Females

Women posts every day about how to make their arms and hips bigger?

There is a very simple answer, there are certain muscle groups in your body which are not activated yet, certain exercises help to reduce the tension on them so they become active again and thus expand in size.

Weight lifting is amongst the top exercise for females, which shouldn’t be done with a lot of weight, starting with the lowest weight possible is recommended.

Also, squats and bench presses could be dominantly efficient.

Hip Thrusts are a great way for women to build the size of their butts, but you have to learn how it’s done properly. Try to arch back not too much after positioning your ribs, you will also find your body core revitalized.

7 Best Strength Training Exercise for Women

Female training exercises

It’s a 30 minutes’ strength training exercise in which you have to perform these exercises with the respective amount of reps.

  1. Front Squat + Press: 15 reps
  2. Static Lunge + Curl:  8 reps per leg
  3. Sumo Squat + Upright Row: 12 reps
  4. Curtsy Lunge + L-Fly:  8 reps per leg
  5. Plank + Alternating Row: 8 reps per arm
  6. Glute Bridge + Tricep Kick: 15 reps
  7. Glute Bridge Hold + Chest Fly: 12 reps


Female bodybuilding supplements are the cleanest and most effective answer to their queries about building muscle mass and remarkable endurance.

Exercise is the secondary choice for female bodybuilding, actually, it is the primary thing to do for bodybuilding, rest of the things are done by the supplements you are taking.

Crazy Bulk best bodybuilding supplements for females can be found at the official site, purchasing stack can be a pretty helpful and faster option available.

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