Gianna’s Grille Mission for Women Health

Gianna is heading the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, It is a national professional organization of food and nutrition professionals in philadelphia, USA.

The Academy is committed to improving the nation’s health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy.

Head on over to Gianna’s Grille in Philadelphia!

Gianna’s Grille in Philadelphi
Gianna’s Grille in Philadelphi

Gianna’s GG Special won’t doom your diet, because it’s 100 percent vegan—made with veggie “steak” and homemade soy cheese—not to mention 100 percent delicious!

When one regular carnivorous customer tried the GG Special, he loved it so much, he never went back to the “real thing.

Gianna’s owners, Babs and Paul, opened the restaurant (named after their daughter) in 1997 with the goal of providing “a place where everyone could have a great meal, whether they were vegan or not.

We wanted the strictest vegans to be able to dine with carnivorous friends and family and have everyone enjoy themselves the same.”

Just visit Gianna’s when you’re in Philly, or whip up the restaurant’s warming broccoli and cauliflower bisque in your own kitchen tonight.

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