6 Cooking Tips to Cut Calories – How to Cut Calories At Home

Weight loss demands sufficient calories cut on a daily basis, which is harder than we can imagine.

You can work out and you will burn a definite amount of calories, but that will take a very long time.

What you should focus on is the healthy diet plan and some important steps to take when it comes to daily food intake.

Diet intake is a continuous process in which not a single person can live without.

We have increased the daily intake of unsaturated fats and other items rich in cholesterol and fatty acid.

This is the main reason why a person gets fat at first place; we have made a 6-steps plan following which you can completely change your body shape in a matter of weeks.

Here are 6 cooking tips to cut calories for an efficient weight loss and healthier lifestyle.


A highly lipid-containing food made at home is still healthier than what is available in the fast food restaurants.

Usually, homemade foods aren’t that much fat containing since a person always uses the least amount of oil.

Try to eat at home as much as you can and that will prevent your body loses about 140-200 calories per day.

There is a benefit in cooking food at home; you can easily overdo certain parts like sugar, salt etc.

Your nutrition chart will be balanced in this way which creates a fat burning process in your body automatically since you are not getting high-cholesterol containing items.


Our sugar cravings are dangerous for our health, for which we eat chocolates, potato chips, and other confectioneries.

Fruits are known to satisfy your sweet cravings and additionally gives you the extra nutrients like flavonoids, resins, and pectin.

These nutrients are easily digestible from the gut and they also give you a burst of energy.

Even if you are taking snacks make sure it doesn’t contain added sugars which you can easily read from their packets.

Daily fruit intake can cut up to 300 calories every day and that won’t even give you hunger growls.


Protein-rich foods are essential for humans because our body composition needs protein at any cost.

Now there are proteins available which are high in fat contents like those chickens with their skin on and beef with fats.

Lean protein, which includes poultry chicken without skin, lean beef does not get stored as fat, but they promote muscle development which is a good thing.

And if you are a large protein consumer take a step back and stick to 120-145 gram per day.

Seafood can quench your appetite when it comes to eating a whole fatty beef steak.


Excess intake of water can help your body burn a large number of calories which happens because of speeded-up body metabolism.

Drinking sugary beverages are the worst thing for your health since they give your body a bloated appearance with all the carbonated water and they stored right in the center of your belly.

There are some serious health risks associated with excess soda use.

Cutting them from your diet can fasten up the weight loss process and replacing it with water can boost the immune system.


The purpose of adding vegetables to your every meal is simple.

They are enriched with filling fibers which fulfill the feeling of satiety. A side dish of vegetables enables your body to consume fewer fats and sugar since your stomach is always full.

In a research, it was elucidated that people who use vegetables as a side dish consume 350 fewer calories than those who don’t.

Some healthy vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, asparagus, onion which are loaded with essential nutrients.

A salad once a day can be a great add-up to a successful diet plan. Here we are not talking about the kind of salad you get from McDonalds or OPTP but the plan homemade one.


Larger plates leave psychological effects that make people eat more.

Of course, there is a large mean portion available in front of you, what are you gonna do, let it go?

This problem in culinary science occurs when plates with larger serving sizes are made.

Before that, the normal plate size was 45% lesser that contained just a sufficient amount of meal per serving.

Choosing smaller plates can manage your portion size and control the overheating issue in many individuals.

Additional Tips

  • Eat mini desert versions
  • Have a large breakfast
  • Prefer soup before you eat
  • Drink black or green coffee without sugar
  • Use Avocado as a sideline
  • Eat thin crusts

Final Summary

Cutting out extra calories from your daily meal is indeed a very healthy idea.

The idea is to maintain the regular functions in your body which gets disturbed upon unhealthy food intake.

These brief cooking tips are much easier for you to adapt and it will help you lose pounds in just a month.

Gianna’s Grille will update you for more essential cooking tips for a better life and a better physique.

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